Top 5 Foam Party Attire Tips

Foam themed parries are unique, fun-filled nightlife events that everyone should experience at least once! This will absolutely not be your average party, and so the attire also is not so average. If you are unsure about what to wear to a foam party, consider these top 5 foam party attire tips to help you enjoy the experience fully.

  1. You may choose to wear a swimsuit. You will undoubtedly get wet, so a bathing suit is often the most comfortable and appropriate option. Guys can wear swim trunks and a t-shirt until the foam starts. Girl can wear suits or bikinis with a cover up until the foam begins to flow! Clothes can be restricting so bathing suits are often ideal to help you resist worrying about ruining an outfit or being weighed down by soggy clothes.
  2. Have fun with the theme and go all out! It is a great idea to be a little bit silly and really dive into the foam attire by bringing some goofy scuba gear and other accessories. Go wild by wearing a snorkel, goggles, a swim cap, or even flippers! You will be sure to get lots of compliments and laughs since you will be the life of the party!
  3. You can choose to wear regular clothes if you are more comfortable. You will not be alone; so don’t feel like you can’t dress normally. If you do choose to wear clothes, however, choose wisely. Make sure you aren’t worried about the material getting wet or messy. Also, try to choose lighter clothing options that won’t weigh your down when wet. If you wear clothes, remember they may be see through when wet, so a suit may still be a good idea to wear underneath your clothing for coverage. You can always take layers off when you are there to be more comfortable!
  4. Wear good shoes. Foam easily leads to a lot of slipping and sliding. Be sure to wear shoes with solid rubber soles that have traction to help you avoid falling during the foam party. Flat shoes can also help. Tennis shoes are often a good idea since you will be able to run around in them all night long since they have the necessary grip.
  5. Finally, be aware of your accessories and style choices. Girls should keep their hair back. Choose a ponytail or bun style to keep your hair in check and out of your face through the evening. Also, wear minimal makeup. You don’t ant to have to worry about mascara running down your cheeks all night as the foam gets into your face. If you do wear makeup, choose waterproof options that will stay in place

Preparing for a foam party with all of these tips will ensure that your attire is appropriate, comfortable and cute! Wearing the right clothing and accessories will help you to focus less on makeup smudging or a see through top and more on having a fantastic time swimming through foam! Enjoy the novelty of this type of themed party and have fun being the foam guy or gal!