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Sometimes no matter how many people you ask for the best VIP nightclubs, you just can’t find the one for a perfect night out. Here is a list of the top VIP Madrid and Barcelona nightclubs that will not fail to impress you and your friends.

VIP Madrid Nightlife

Madrid nightlife has a lot to offer. There are tons of nightclubs that offer an amazing experience, but some stand out more than the others.


Kapital offers VIP Madrid nightlife like none other Madrid nightclubs. No matter if, you want the best DJ performances including the best local and international DJs, or the best ambiance, food and drinks. Kapital offers it all, but there is more to Kapital nightclub that make it unique. Kapital also offers the best restaurant with a specially designed menu and a state-of-the-art cinema. So, if your friends want a place that offers more than just fantastic music, then head over to Kapital.

Teatro Barcelo

Teatro Barcelo knows how to keep everyone entertained with the best DJ performances. This is the reason why Teatro Barcelo has now become one of the most popular VIP nightclubs in town. It is not only popular for offering the best entertainment, but it is also popular for its drinks and amazing ambiance.

Joy Eslava

If you are looking for a club that does not offer the “usual” VIP Madrid nightclub experience, then head over to Joy Eslava. Inaugurated 30 years back, Joy Eslava nightclub has reserved its rich history and a classic vibe. The club holds many parties and social events on a regular basis.

VIP Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona is widely popular for its nightlife. Tourists travel to Barcelona to experience its nightlife. If you are travelling Barcelona anytime soon, the following VIP nightclubs will keep you entertained all night long:

Opium Barcelona

To experience the best VIP nightlife experience, ensure that Opium Barcelona is on the top of your list. Opium takes nightclubbing to a completely new level by offering the ultimate open-air terrace restaurant and a state-of-the-art club with live music performances by world-renowned artists. Not only locals, but also tourists especially visit Opium Barcelona because it is hand-down the best nightclub in the city. You can go to Wikipedia for details about Opium Barcelona and its VIP table booking.

Bling Barcelona

Bling Barcelona has achieved exemplary success during the past few years. One of the reasons being that Bling Barcelona features the best local DJs as well as many worldwide popular DJs. When it comes to clubs booking, you would have to ensure that you book your Bling VIP tables days before your visit.

Pacha Barcelona

You will not regret your visit to Pacha Barcelona because it has both a restaurant that offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea with delicious food and drinks. Pacha Barcelona also offers the best Barcelona nightlife experience.


Catwalk is the top choice of both locals and tourists, when it comes to the best music, drinks, food and the overall ambiance of the place. Catwalk is currently the ranked as one of the best Luxury clubs in Barcelona. Catwalk has achieved and maintained its position by offering an amazing worth-remembering luxury service.


Shoko VIP services are highly rated by both locals and tourists. The phenomenal DJ performances will keep you on your feet all night long. The regular themed parties and the amazing cultured and posh crowd, and the strict security improve the overall experience. You will not experience any uncomfortable situation, and you can dance and party all night long with your friends.

Eclipse Barcelona

Eclipse Barcelona brings night to life with its remarkable DJ performances. People travel to Eclipse Barcelona from far and wide to enjoy the ultimate VIP clubbing experience on the 26th floor of the Hotel Barcelona. From the best of the best local DJs to the world worldwide popular ones, you will be able to enjoy live performance music with a massive range of cocktails and drinks.

Otto Zutz

Otto Zutz is widely known as one of the best clubs in Barcelona when it comes to the clubs that offer the largest capacity. There are limited clubs like Otto Zutz that offer outstanding DJ performances with fantastic drinks and food. Otto Zutz is highly popular in the area for its massive crowd parties. Thus, it usually gets book days prior. So to avoid any inconvenience, ensure that you book your VIP tables in advance.

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Tips for the Holidays It’s never too early to start thinking about how to spend your holiday season. Whether it’s shopping for the perfect gift for you and yours or simply trying to come together as a family or community, the holidays are a time of interaction with others, kindness, and mirth. And, that makes it the more important to make the most of it every day, but that’s easier said than done. Luckily, there are a few ways to get the most out of the holidays; here’s how.

First and foremost, get your shopping done early. How early? Why not right now? That’s right, by eliminating your shopping way in advance, you clear up the holiday season, itself, for the fun parts of the holidays. You can concern yourself with Christmas parties, as opposed to Christmas shopping, and have a blast with friends and family. And, speaking of parties…

When it comes time to party for the Christmas season, you have to ask yourself the big question first. Attend a party, or throw your own? If you’re the party going type, keep your eyes open for celebrations worth attending. You’re going to want something later in the evening, obviously, which a good guest list. What’s good in a guest list, though? Well, it’s “enough” people. Not too many people, or too little. You’re also going to want a party in a classy establishment, or the home of a friend, or the friend of a friend.

However, if throwing a party is more your speed, here are some tips. For starters, consider the factors listed above. Invite enough guests to upgrade the affair from a “get together” without going overboard. Make sure your home is in great condition when inviting guests, and keep the party chill with a great selection of music. Also consider adding a personal touch the proceedings with personalized gifts for guests. Personalization Mall will help you craft the perfect gifts that will speak to your friends and family.

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Benefits of Using VPN for Online Dating

Any person using the web can benefit a lot by use of VPN. It's well known for its safety in securing the data of the individual using it. Hence, this makes it the best option to use when it comes to online dating. You can easily get your perfect match with the help of VPN and at the same time unblock content online. Some of the main points of using VPN for online dating are explained below:

Safety for your own good. Danger date scammers can cause you a lot of problem by coming across your personal information and easily deceive you. For example, you might have successfully hidden your identity but they can still get your personal information to a greater extent. By accessing your passwords, user names and Facebook, they can get to you and easily blackmail you to send them money. Fortunately, this activity can be avoided by hiding you data through use of VPN server. The VPN servers are availably world wide and you can easily get the one for your country among them. Moreover, when your using a secured VPN connection to browse through dating apps and websites, you can avoid chances of dating advertisements hence making your information to be secure.

Multi functional Use. One of the most advantageous reasons to use VPN connection is that they are compatible with with a wide variety of devices. From computers to tablets to the smartphones hence making you access dating services wherever you go with your phone. However, most people normally use public WiFi to get connected, this poses security threat and should be avoided. Hence, ensure to activate your VPN before you open your dating application or any other application thereafter.

Unlock websites and bypass filters. At some places or countries such as China, some of the websites, be it dating sites, that are restricted to be accessed. This could limit your browsing capabilities, but thanks to the rise of VPN services such as those VPN China users uses, It bypasses all the blocked websites and allow you to access all of them by you channeling the web traffic using a different country. This is why there has been a rise in the number people using VPN connection in the recent years. Not only does this services enable you to access other websites but also helps you to access affordable dating fees that are applicable in other countries hence enabling you have a wide variety to choose from. 

Hiding your IP address. Most web analyzing tools, advertisements and social media platforms follow you wherever you go no matter the site you visit. Your IP address is equivalent to your signature and with this IP, your calculated moves on the web are monitored wherever you go for marketing purposes. Therefore, with the help of VPN, you can hide your IP and in the long run will make you to be invisible to these web tools hence securing your dating websites from being accessed.

Ranging from security, multi functional use, unlocking websites to hiding your IP address, VPN services can offer the best solution for you in online dating. All you have to do is to use the best and most popular VPN service provider and you will enjoy the benefits of using one. Actually, currently there are many VPN services you can choose from. Even a cheap VPN service might do the job. You can select a VPN service that you like and enjoy your online dating!

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Party & Event Rentals For Corporate Events Are you planning for an important corporate event but can't seem to know where and how to start? Hire party rental services that specialize in corporate events-- with their help, all the burden, anxiety, and stress of not being able to live up to the company's expectations melts away. Party rentals take care of events all the time and know exactly what to do.

Party rental services bring more to the table: they have more party ideas, lots of choices, rates according to your budget, and (if you find a good one) top-notch service. Whether it is a company outing, a party or a big event, event rentals will take care of it for you.

They also have equipment that can cater to specific needs during events. Some examples include easels, audio/visual equipment, projectors, giant inflatables, chairs, tables, grills, and all the other tools needed for making memorable events. They make it easy for you from the planning start until the end of the event.

5 suggestions for a successful corporate event:

  1. Schedule an appointment with an event planner consultant in advance.  This is the first step and doing it ahead of time ensures you get a better deal and can secure the venue. To ensure success, get the best event and party plannersyou can. Take a few minutes to find knowledgeable party rentals with experience in corporate events. These guys will be full of ideas and suggestions such as the use of decor, lighting, tents, sound equipment.

  1. A corporate event may sound like a big celebration but some things can be kept simple. Rental linens, glassware, chinaware, flatware -- they are among things that can be kept simple yet still have various styles to choose from to create a high-end look and you can get them for just a little fraction of the cost.

  1. Most big events are held outdoors and need tents. Always factor in how unpredictable the weather is when you decide on renting tents. Tents can serve other purposes aside from protection against the heat of the sun or from rain. They can also be used as a prop and event planners can be creative in displaying a one-of-a-kind appearance that matches the theme of the affair.

  1. Lighting contributes a lot to the ambiance of the event. Decor lighting and simple accent features can do a good job of transforming the look and the atmosphere of a place. Various lighting styles such as bistro lights, chandeliers, twinkle lights, and more can add meaning and color to the party.

  1. The sound system is very essential. Discuss with the party and event rentals consultant and gather suggestions on how you can go about with this.

Remember that party event rentals for corporate events are always around to take care of your needs. They are just a click of the mouse away and can handle the whole thing with minimal guidance. With party planners, you are always assured that you don't need to go through all the anxieties or fear of not being able to give the best to your guests and to the company. 

A1 Party & Tent Rentals 1111 Rogers Ave Brooklyn, NY 11226 (718) 789-9200

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Finding New Romance and Companionship All adults crave companionship, and many desire romance. While we tend to think of these things being centered to the younger crowd, the fact is that many seniors are looking for a companion or romantic partner, as well. While their needs and wants may be different, this is a booming market for anyone looking to get into the dating website industry.

While the younger crowd craves vanity when looking for a mate online, seniors crave likeness. Not someone who looks like them, but likeness in relation to what they like. Hobbies, for instance, restaurants, church services, and movies. The senior crowd is not looking to create a new generation, so hobbies and general likes are big on the top of their list when finding a companion.

Personality-wise, men and women are different. Men, when sad, are likely to keep it to themselves, while women tend to reach out for help. This is a big issue with senior dating. Many widowed women are more comfortable looking for a companion, verses widowed men. When looking to create a dating website geared toward the senior crowd, you need to make sure that it is welcoming for men and women. You need a welcoming format and a welcoming payment plan (if it is a pay site). When it comes to operating an online dating website that requires payment, you need a reliable merchant account processor, such as eMerchantBroker.com. Trustworthy payment processors are a big plus when it comes to having your customer pay via plastic card payment. While a not-so-well-known processor may be okay, the security that eMerchantBroker.com provides is top-notch, which ensures that your customers are well taken care of.

Dating websites are huge, and there is practically a website for every niche. However, one of the leading demographics in online dating could use a few more options. Senior dating and companionship websites are lacking, and this is the perfect time to invest. While there are many things that you need to consider before purchasing your web address, one of the biggest is knowing the needs of your clientele. For this, you simply need to look around and observe the seniors in your life. You will quickly learn that senior men and women are very different – yet the same – when it comes to looking for a companion.

About the Author

Blair Thomas is the co-founder of the #1 high risk Credit Card processing company in the US. He has been in the electronic payments industry for over 10+ years.  When he is not running his business he spends his time writing and producing music, which has been featured in a variety of films.

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Celebrate the Holidays: 5 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Planning Tips If you’re tired of hosting the same old holiday party year after year and you’re looking to spice things up and inject some fun into your festive gathering, then you might want to get on board with the latest trend: ugly Christmas sweater parties. All you have to do is instruct your guests to don the ugliest holiday sweaters they can find, or better yet, create their own ugly sweaters. With a few parameters in mind and some themed additions, you can easily put together a seasonal soiree that your guests are sure to enjoy. But if you’re at a bit of a loss as to how you should proceed, here are just a few suggestions to get your party on track.

  1. Send out invitations. The place to start, as with any type of party, is by sending out invitations, and there’s really only one way to go when it comes to creating an invite for you ugly Christmas sweater party; you have to use a photo of your own family in cringe-worthy holiday sweaters. You could take a current photo or dredge up an old one from a Christmas past. Or if your family has always been a well-dressed bunch, you could simply use Photoshop to fake a classic with ugly Christmas sweaters. But the addition of this photo is an absolute must to get people in the wacky spirit of the party.
  2. Create a themed menu. Not every dish at your holiday party has to incorporate a sweater theme, but it will give you an opportunity to have some fun with the menu. An easy place to start is by procuring a sweater-shaped cookie cutter. From there you can decorate sugar cookies with icing and other edible embellishments in order to make your sweater cookies into ugly confections (or you could have the guests do it as a fun activity). You could also make pigs in a blanket, but add sleeves to make your puff pastry look like little cardigans. Or you can make ugly sweater beer cozies. There is no shortage of ways to turn your feast into a festive array of sweater-themed treats.
  3. Make up rules. Just in case your family and friends aren’t familiar with ugly sweater parties, you might want to set some ground rules to help them figure out what to do. You don’t want guests to show up in just any old ugly sweater – they have to be holiday themed. But they also need to be over-the-top and ridiculous. The idea is to get as crazy and creative as possible. You could set a $10 limit so that people have to get used sweaters from thrift stores and dress them up with household items. Or you might require every sweater to include a reindeer. It’s really up to you what rules you choose to set.
  4. Plan activities. There are all kinds of classic party games that you could give an ugly sweater twist (pin the ugly on the sweater, ugly sweater trivia, or charades with clues that fit your ugly Christmas sweater theme, for example). But you might also organize a scavenger hunt, set up a photo booth stocked with costume pieces to compliment every guest’s ugly holiday sweater (including Santa hats, tinsel boas, and green and red mustaches on sticks), or even do Christmas song karaoke.
  5. Hold contests. Even better than getting all of your family and friends to submit to blackmail photos in ugly holiday sweaters is having contests to decide who has the best (or worst) entry, as well as the most creative, the best use of reindeer, the most technological (a string of lights, a soundtrack coming out of your sweater), etc. No matter what other ugly Christmas sweater ideas you come up with, one of the best parts of coming to an ugly sweater party is participating in the contests. Just make sure to come up with some good prizes like a set of sweater-shaped cookie cutters or an Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit, just for example.
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5 Tips to Help Increase Event Attendance When organizing any event, you put lots of time and energy into planning by hiring the caterer, renting the space, organizing presentations or performers, decorating and so much more. You want to make sure you are able to host as many people as possible so that they can enjoy the results of all of your hard work! In order to increase event attendance, be sure to implement these 5 attendance tips!

  1. Save the date. When organizing an event, you need to give attendees enough notice so that they can plan on attending your event. Peoples’ calendars fill up fast, so be sure to give them plenty of notice so that they can block out their schedules! Even if all of the details aren’t in place yet, you can send out a tentative invite just to increase awareness and remind those you are inviting to look out for more information as the date approaches in the next few months or weeks. You can send formal invitations, e-invites, or even create an event page on a social media site such as Facebook. Better yet, try to integrate all of these options when possible so that people and have multiple ways to access the information about your event while at home, at work, or on the go.
  2. About 6 to 8 weeks before the day of the event, send out a formal invitation to remind your guests of the event and to provide them with solid, concrete event details and plans. When an invite is personal, people will feel more invested in the event and will be compelled to register for it. Provide people with a way to RSVP so that you can get a realistic estimate of how many guests to expect on the big day.
  3. A few days before the event, go through your RSVP list. Have you heard from everyone yet? If not, be sure to reach out to these individuals to check in. Perhaps they forgot to RSVP that they can attend. Or, they may have to decline the invite. Either way, this will provide you with a better head count so that the number of attendees doesn’t surprise you that day. Remind individuals that they only have a few more days to register. You can also provide some urgency by stating, “Hurry, only 5 seats left” to convince them to act now if they would like to come.
  4. Take advantage of social media sites. These sites allow you to update information regularly and notify guests of these changes instantly. You can add pictures, fliers, directions, links and more to get your guests excited while also keeping them up to date.
  5. Finally, ask attendees to spread the word! Word of mouth is the best way to encourage others to come to an event and get your event’s name out there and into the public. Ask attendees to share links on their Facebook pages or tell their friends about the event in person for effective marketing results.

Increasing guest numbers at your event can be done effectively and easily if you know how to approach the situation. Be sure to spread the word by communicating regularly, keeping people updated, giving advanced notice, sing social media, and taking advantage of word of mouth. If you employ all of these tricks, you will find increased attendance numbers so that more people can enjoy and benefit from this amazing event you have planned and executed! Whether you used a planning service such as Cristina Verger Event Planning and Production, or you did it yourself, you will have a successful event that people will continue talking about and praising!

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Top 5 Foam Party Attire Tips Foam themed parries are unique, fun-filled nightlife events that everyone should experience at least once! This will absolutely not be your average party, and so the attire also is not so average. If you are unsure about what to wear to a foam party, consider these top 5 foam party attire tips to help you enjoy the experience fully.

  1. You may choose to wear a swimsuit. You will undoubtedly get wet, so a bathing suit is often the most comfortable and appropriate option. Guys can wear swim trunks and a t-shirt until the foam starts. Girl can wear suits or bikinis with a cover up until the foam begins to flow! Clothes can be restricting so bathing suits are often ideal to help you resist worrying about ruining an outfit or being weighed down by soggy clothes.
  2. Have fun with the theme and go all out! It is a great idea to be a little bit silly and really dive into the foam attire by bringing some goofy scuba gear and other accessories. Go wild by wearing a snorkel, goggles, a swim cap, or even flippers! You will be sure to get lots of compliments and laughs since you will be the life of the party!
  3. You can choose to wear regular clothes if you are more comfortable. You will not be alone; so don’t feel like you can’t dress normally. If you do choose to wear clothes, however, choose wisely. Make sure you aren’t worried about the material getting wet or messy. Also, try to choose lighter clothing options that won’t weigh your down when wet. If you wear clothes, remember they may be see through when wet, so a suit may still be a good idea to wear underneath your clothing for coverage. You can always take layers off when you are there to be more comfortable!
  4. Wear good shoes. Foam easily leads to a lot of slipping and sliding. Be sure to wear shoes with solid rubber soles that have traction to help you avoid falling during the foam party. Flat shoes can also help. Tennis shoes are often a good idea since you will be able to run around in them all night long since they have the necessary grip.
  5. Finally, be aware of your accessories and style choices. Girls should keep their hair back. Choose a ponytail or bun style to keep your hair in check and out of your face through the evening. Also, wear minimal makeup. You don’t ant to have to worry about mascara running down your cheeks all night as the foam gets into your face. If you do wear makeup, choose waterproof options that will stay in place

Preparing for a foam party with all of these tips will ensure that your attire is appropriate, comfortable and cute! Wearing the right clothing and accessories will help you to focus less on makeup smudging or a see through top and more on having a fantastic time swimming through foam! Enjoy the novelty of this type of themed party and have fun being the foam guy or gal!

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Top 5 Productivity Tips for Night Owls Some people find themselves more productive at night. You could call these people night owls, because as soon as the rest of us go to sleep, they get to work. However, there is one major disadvantage for night owls: the fact that most business won’t resume until the morning, so they have to complete all of their tasks without the assistance of anyone else. Unfortunately, this type of work can be so exhausting that by the time the sun comes up, they are unable to get anything done. Essentially, productivity can easily be shot. Here are the top five productivity tips for night owls.

  1. Eat a big breakfast. A big breakfast will give you enough energy to get to the middle of the day, which is when you should be taking a short nap to get you through the rest of the day. However, by starting your day with some good strong calories, carbohydrates, protein, and potassium, you will have enough fuel to make it until about noon or so. That frozen croissant and cup of instant coffee will only give you about an hour of energy and then you’ll feel like sleeping the rest of the day.
  2. Nap. If you have to work it might be hard to take a nap, but if you can, it will definitely make you more productive. Even a 15-minute nap in the car or in the break room will make you more alert and productive. Just remember to set an alarm so that you actually can wake up. If you think you’ll sleep right through the alarm, it might be smart to ask a coworker to wake you up at a certain time. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with your boss.
  3. One of the most inspirational life quotes about staying awake all day comes from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day.” It is true that staying awake after you have been awake all night can be difficult, but it is important to keep yourself doing things that interest you in order to keep yourself alert. Doing boring tasks is a surefire way to start getting drowsy.
  4. Don’t drink energy drinks. Energy drinks are full of caffeine and other chemicals that can do more harm than good. Caffeine can lift you up, but just as swiftly, it will cause you to crash. Combine that with the sugar in most energy drinks and you have a recipe for disaster. So, instead of energy drinks, try sticking to water and healthy snacks, and you will see a remarkable difference in your alertness.
  5. Get exercise. If you can, bike to work, or get up and take a walk during the day. You might even be able to do some jumping jacks right there at your desk. Anytime that you feel exhausted, just get your body moving and your blood flowing – you will notice that you will not only feel more productive, but also more alive.
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Top 5 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas Perhaps you’ve been wading into the dating pool frequently in search of that special someone and you’ve started to realize that blowing your whole paycheck to impress a first date isn’t exactly delivering the returns you’re seeking. Or maybe you’ve been with the same person for a while now, and between the house, the kids, and everything else you simply don’t have a lot of dough to devote to romance. As it turns out, most people are a lot more impressed by the thought and effort you put in and the ingenuity you display when it comes to sweeping them off their feet than they are by the amount of money you shell out in the process. So if you’re looking for a few good ways to show that certain someone you care with a budget-friendly date that’s worth remembering, here are some ideas that won’t cost you your first-born child.

  1. A night at the drive-in. When was the last time you parked the car and made out during a drive-in movie? If you’re under the age of thirty, the answer is probably never. But if you can manage to find a functioning drive-in nearby, this is a great way to pass and evening without spending a lot of dough. In a regular movie theater you have to be mindful of the patrons around you. But when you’re in your own car with a little privacy, you can talk all you want and even get the windows a little steamy. Bonus: bring your own food without the fear of getting busted by a teenage manager on a power trip.
  2. Bowling. Most people aren’t terribly keen to play sports during a date, but a little friendly competition could be just what you need to kick things off when you’re trying to get flirty. A night on the lanes can provide you with just what you’re looking for here. Pretty much anyone can throw a bowling ball and hit a few pins. And if your partner is having trouble, offer a few helpful hints and get in close to demonstrate.
  3. Carpet picnic. Turn the idea of a traditional picnic on its head by staying home instead. Clear away the coffee table, spread a blanket on the carpet, and set out some paper plates and a bevy of finger foods like sliced meats and cheeses, crackers, and fruit. You won’t have to do too much work to pull it together, you’ll avoid the bugs that plague outdoor picnics, and you can show off your knowledge of wine with a couple of good pairings (without having to worry about getting in trouble for drinking in public).
  4. Star gazing. There are few things more romantic than spreading a blanket on the hood of your car and watching for shooting stars. But if you want to make the date a little more interactive, dig through the garage to find your star chart from 9th-grade science and the telescope you haven’t dusted off in years. Want to make your date really special? Head to StarRegistry.com before the date to name a star for your honey so you can point it out during your special night.
  5. A symphony in the comfort of your own home. Since you probably can’t afford the cost of a night at the Met or Vienna Opera tickets, why not put on a show in your living room instead? Pull out your favorite music, light some candles, uncork a bottle of bubbly, and let the genius of Holst’s ‘The Planets’, Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’, or even a little ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ do the romancing for you.
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5 Tips for Getting Your Band Booked in Clubs If you’re an aspiring musician with dreams of superstardom, you’re probably wondering how exactly to break into the industry. Everyone has to start somewhere, and unless you somehow manage to become an internet sensation overnight stardom is probably not in the cards. You’re going to have to get a band together, and spend months or even years performing at small clubs until the right person catches the right show and you get that first big break. But what if you can’t even seem to get your foot in the door at the local clubs? You might not be going about the process the right way. You’ve got to perform for people, build a fan base and have your music heard. So here are five tips for getting your band booked in clubs.

First of all, put together a demo tape. You’ve got to have some quality music recorded if you hope to earn a spot at a club. You can put this demo music on your website, on a CD or even on one of those small memory cards. But the key is to make sure the songs you choose to record puts your absolute best out there. It can be covers or original songs, but it should represent a band that’s worth paying to see in a busy club. Keep in mind that all of your contact information should be included however you put the demo out there, as much of your outreach won’t be in person.

Once you have the demo put together, consider creating some additional materials that make your band even more attractive for venue owners and concert promoters. These days that usually means crafting a press kit. This could be as simple as a single page, or as complicated as a full color booklet. The complexity of your press kit will probably hinge on the budget you have to spend, but if your band is relatively inexperienced you won’t have much information to print regardless. Don’t pad this document, as promoters can smell desperation. But it should certainly make your band sound compelling, and the music seem to be of a quality and style that will draw fans.

Now that you have a demo and press kit together, it’s time to get it out there. You’ll need to send this package out to every single club, bar, coffee house and related venue you can think of. And don’t forget about the less traditional events that normally offer live music. That means you should also check the upcoming community schedule for festivals, farmers markets, library events and county fairs. If you have a large group of friends, don’t forget about house parties as an opportunity as well. Right now the pay doesn’t matter. All you need is opportunity, and you’ll have to get through a lot of no’s before you finally get a yes. Look for booking agents to target as well, as they might know about events before they become public knowledge.

You’ve now gone the traditional route, but networking must be part of your approach. Who you know is often more important than what you know, and the right contacts can help even mediocre musicians get gigs. Go to as many shows as you can and meet the people involved. Become friendly with concert promoters and the owners of venues. Play open mic nights, meet other musicians and share war stories. The larger your network, the greater the chance that you’ll luck into a good opportunity.

If the clubs still don’t come calling, consider booking yourself for a gig. This may not be the most traditional way to go about things, but sometimes you have to create your own opportunities. Look for venues you might be able to secure for free and set yourself up as the entertainment. Consider adding other bands to the lineup, so you are guaranteed a larger audience. Keep the ticket prices low, and get the show listed on SonicBids to draw dedicated music fans. This might not be the most glamorous option, and you’ll probably have to spend some money. But it’s a great way to start building an audience and getting yourself noticed if no traditional bookings show up.

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5 Healthy Things to Eat After a Big Night Out All of us have experienced a night out when seemly everything was done in excess: We danced in excess, we ate in excess, we might have even had a glass or two more of wine than we traditionally do. And while that evening may have been loaded with fun and good memories, sometimes the feeling that we have the next day (or two) is enough to make us have just a few regrets.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. True, it is smart to try and do things in moderation but if you happen to have experienced a night where you didn’t make that a top priority, we have a list of five healthy things that you can eat to help you get back to feeling like your old self again.

Fresh fruit smoothies. You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and honestly, no matter how you feel after a big night out, that is a proven fact. We understand why a hearty breakfast with eggs, bacon and toast may not be what you’d like, but at least try making a fresh fruit smoothie. It’s quick, it’s easy and while the fruit provides your body with lots of vitamins and minerals, by adding a bit of yogurt, you can curb the cortisol in your system; this will help you to not accumulate belly fat.

Leafy green vegetables. If you had a heavy dinner, you also may not want to eat much come lunchtime, so opt for a fresh salad made with spinach, kale or romaine lettuce. The fiber will help to cleanse your system and the potassium will keep your kidneys in top condition.

Lemon water. If you’re looking for something that will help to detoxify your system in a fairly rapid way, lemon water is what you’re looking for. Water is an awesome way to purify your body and with a couple of lemon slices in it, the Vitamin C will also help to remove toxins as well as burn fat.

Season with ginger or garlic. Did you know that there are actual seasonings that you can put on foods that will help to keep the free radicals inside of your body at bay? Two of them are ginger and garlic. As an added bonus, ginger helps to relieve any nausea that you might feel and garlic is a wonderful natural antioxidant. Honestly, it’s hard to get too much of either one of these during this time.

Nuts, granola or protein bars. If you would prefer to do a bit of light snacking, don’t go for candy or potato chips. Nuts are a healthy source of monounsaturated fat, granola assist in lowering your cholesterol levels and the awesome thing about snack bars like Chocolite Protein Bars is that they help to boost up your immune system. So, as you’re easing back into the idea of having another full course meal, snacking on some almonds or peanuts, eating a bit of trail mix or taking a couple of proteins bars with you on your errands will help to get your digestive system right back on track.

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How to Have a Social Life and Maintain Good Grades in College Contrary to popular belief, you can still get good grades in college and have fun. While professors, and maybe even your parents, will pressure you to get good grades, it is important to not feel guilty about spending time with your friends, because maintaining a healthy social life is crucial to your sanity. If you maintain a healthy balance between school and your social life you will be just fine. Moreover, it is important to realize that keeping this balance doesn’t need to be a high-wire act – it just takes careful discipline and motivation. Here is how to have a social life and maintain good grades in college.

First, make sure to go to class every day. In most colleges you aren’t required to go to each and every class – there is typically a pretty lenient policy on attendance. They just expect you to make up for the work you missed and do well on exams. As long as you do the work you will get a good grade. However, if you miss only one class, you might start to develop a nasty habit and it can be very easy to lose count of your absences. The more you go to class, the less time you have to spend catching up, thus the more time you get to spend with friends.

Next, make sure to study during the day. Instead of taking that fifteen-minute nap on the quad, try to spend that time studying for an exam or going over those notes from the last class, The same goes if you are taking online courses. No matter if you are getting your WSU online degree or your degree from any other online college, instead of taking an afternoon nap on the couch, do your homework that is due the next day. That way you won’t have to spend all night doing your homework or studying.

Another more extreme option – if college life is really starting to distract you from your studies – is to live off campus. Living in your own apartment a few miles from the university is a really good idea if the activity in the dorm rooms or the pledge houses is getting in the way of you being able to complete your school work. Not only that, but if you have to take the bus or subway to school in the morning you can spend that extra time studying. Commuting is a great impetus to get up earlier and do school work that you might not have done the night before.

Lastly, turn your social events into school events. You will feel much better about spending the weekends with your friends if you spend your weekdays with your classmates going over notes, studying for exams, and writing papers together. Instead of making your school work a solitary event, you can easily invite a few people over to make studying a more sociable event. You can even include drinks and snacks to make it a homework party. While your main priority in college is to get good grades and pass classes, you don’t need to sacrifice your sanity or your social life.

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Maui's Nightlife: Dining-Dancing & Music Maui is a tropical paradise that keeps the fun and excitement going into the night. Most Maui evenings begin with a delicious meal at one of many fine dining restaurants. Enjoy traditional Hawaiian cuisine or sample a variety of international dishes. Whatever you’re in the mood for Maui’s restaurants have something to satisfy every taste as well as entertain with live music and performances. Mulligan’s on the Blue is an authentic Irish pub in Wailea that offers fine dining and nightly entertainment. Make a selection from the extensive menu of salads, entrees and pub fare and then enjoy the sounds of the evening which include live Jazz and Irish music.

Live music and entertainment are often found on Maui’s romantic sunset cruises. What better way to start your Maui evening than by sailing along the coast enjoying everything from plentiful Hawaiian buffets and tropical drinks to live music and dancing. Maui’s sunset cruises are an excellent way to relax after a fun-filled day of scuba diving, shopping and exploring the island.

Maui is a tropical paradise known for its combination of fine dining and amazing entertainment. Casanova is an exquisite Italian restaurant that makes a flawless transition into a nightclub after 10 p.m. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights Casanova is the place to be with its dance floor illuminated by multi-colored lights and special effects. Casanova is located in Makawao, a popular dining and shopping area, and is open until 2 a.m providing live music and some of Hawaii’s hottest DJ’s. Hapa’s Nightclub in Kihei features live music early in the evening and DJ’s every night of the week. With its fun atmosphere and great music Hapa’s nightclub is an exciting place to enjoy a wild night of drinking, dancing and letting loose.

Great nighttime options can be found everywhere in Maui including in your own resort. With amazing dining and entertainment options located in Maui’s luxury resorts you can find everything to create a memorable evening without leaving the comfort of your hotel. The Sheraton Maui Resort is a 4 star resort on Kaanapali Beach that offers a wide variety of entertainment options. The Lagoon Bar and the Sundowner Bar are two great spots to enjoy tropical drinks, a light menu and pleasant island music. The Reef’s Edge Lounge is a great place to unwind as you listen to the sounds of local musicians and gaze at an amazing view of the moonlit Pacific Ocean.

Some of Maui’s most popular nighttime activities are traditional Hawaiian luaus and hula shows. The entire family will enjoy being surrounded by Hawaii’s culture, history and the amazing Pacific Rim Cuisine that Hawaii is known for. Most luaus serve a buffet style meal and usually includes Kalua pork, local style chicken, an assortment of side dishes and refreshing beverages. Most of the time Maui’s luaus are held on the beach and make the perfect spot to watch Maui’s sunset splash vivid reds, pinks and oranges across the sky.

Art enthusiasts will want to check out the amazing performing arts productions that are put on by the Maui Academy of Performing Arts and the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. The Maui Academy of Performing Arts puts on creative and entertaining performances May through September while the Maui Arts & Cultural Center offers art exhibits, educational activities, recitals, concerts and more throughout the year.

Nightlife in Maui can be as exciting or as relaxing as you prefer. With a wide variety of nighttime options that will have you dancing all night or relaxing under a starlit sky the experiences are yours to choose.

Book Your Maui Vacation Online or Call (888) 782-9722 Toll Free!

Lisa DiSpirito is a Hawaii expert and the Content Associate for BookIt.com - the Internet Travel Company Offering Discounted Hawaii Hotels and Vacations with “No Booking Fees, Ever!” Visit BookIt.com Travel Guides for Additional Hawaii Travel information including Articles, Reviews and Helpful Travel Tips. ]]> Uncategorized https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47591743.shtml https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47591743.shtml Lisa DiSpirito Tue, 08 Jan 2008 05:16:35 -0500 How To Approach Women At Nightclubs The nightclub is a strange environment. Go to one, and you'll see women engaging in one of the greatest mysteries of all time - Dressing up sexy to get attention for men, then acting annoyed when men actually give them attention. So how do you overcome this obstacle? With some strategy and tactics. Let me share with you some of my favorites. They have become my favorites based one criteria – the results the bring.

Nightclub strategy one: I'm not them

Put yourself in a beautiful woman's high heels. You're at a nightclub. How many times will you get approached? Once, twice? Hardly. Try ten times... or even more.

As a man who “gets it”, this is actually to your advantage. Why? Because most guys are dumb, drunk and totally clueless when it comes to creating attraction.

Say to yourself right now... “I'm not them!”

Who are “them”? The men who offer to buy women drinks, kiss up to them in nightclubs and use lame pickup lines. All these actions accomplish one thing... loss of power. You don't want to communicate to a woman that you aren't in control of yourself and out of your element.

You need to have this mind state - you are comfortable in your own reality, and nothing she can do will disrupt that comfort. Remember, there will be resistance when you approach a woman. It's part of the nightclub ritual. She's testing you. Are you in control of your own reality, or will you give up your power at the first sign of trouble? And in a nightclub, it's even more specific. Can you keep up a conversation with a woman that isn't exactly easygoing and friendly?

There's two kinds of resistance. One kind if from the “rude woman” and it's very real. Too tough a nut to crack in one setting. If you approach women regularly, you will run into her kind once in a while. Don't take in personal. Move on.

The other kind of resistance is “give me an excuse to be friendly to you” resistance. If you are picking up on this vibe, press on my friend. She has given you the first indicator that she is interested in you.

Here's two ways to keep the conversation flowing. Charm and routine. My definition of charm is teasing a woman in a way that makes her laugh. It communicates that you are both confident and fun to be around. This is a great formula for producing attraction, and it's a great way to avoid the “friendship zone”.

Routine is a category for things like palmistry, handwriting analysis, magic, and astrology. Read books on any of these if you want to learn a few routines to make interesting conversation.

After creating conversation and passing her resistance test, you have two options. Stay and try to close the deal, or get her contact information and leave. Nightclubs are a tricky environment with lots of distractions such as drunk, dumb guys and her group of protective (and jealous) friends. You must be very skilled in “attraction conversation” to keep the flow going.

If you're not experienced with this yet I suggest you get her number and follow up later on your own terms. There are less chances to make errors this way.

Before this article gets too long, I'll give you a quick summary one other great technique for beginners. It's called the “buddy system”, and is designed specifically for nightclubs. Get a friend to “scout” for you, and do the same for him. Have him approach a woman you like and say, “Hey there. You know something? I think my friend would really like you. He's...” and then have him talk you up.

Soon you show up and are introduced. This technique throws a woman off balance, because her radar is programmed only for direct approaches. This makes the initial conversation with her a lot more easier.

In the end remember... it's just a woman at a nightclub. It doesn't matter if she likes you or not. Just talk to her. She expects you to. Practice communicating that you are comfortable in your own reality, and that you are different than every other drunk and dumb guy that approaches her.

Do this and you'll wonder why you ever thought it was hard to meet women at nightclubs.

Kurt Dight has created a free 5 day mini course on "how to seduce almost any woman". It is available for instant access for a limited time at http://www.dating-secrets2.com/ ]]> Uncategorized https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47591617.shtml https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47591617.shtml Kurt Dight Tue, 08 Jan 2008 05:14:29 -0500 Bad Attitudes Can Ruin Your Dating Life I will admit myself that bars and nightclubs are not the best places to go to find the woman of your dreams. But, you never know you just might get lucky and meet someone special. Don't give up hope and give yourself a chance.

Anyway, let's get right to the point of this article. It's very important that when you are at a bar or nightclub, to look like you are having a good time. If you look lonely, desperate, and depressed, women will pick up on this. It's like they have a sixth sense about picking up negative vibes.

So, wear a smile on your face and act happy, even if you have to fake it. And if you are standing near the dance floor, act like you are really getting into the music and ready to dance. Women pick up on this and may actually ask you to dance. It's happen to me many times.

And here's another tip that will really help you to attract single women. If you are going to a bar or nightclub with a buddy, be sure and go with a guy that's a lot of fun to be with. Don't go with guys who have negative attitudes and always bitching and complaining about how women are such bitches, there's no women to meet, bars and nightclubs suck, and they stand around all night and take no action to meet women. Plus, they are boring, don't laugh, and act like they are at a funeral.

This article written by Don Diebel (Americas #1 Singles Expert). If you would like more free dating tips on how to successfully meet, date, attract, and become intimate with women, please visit his website at: http://www.getgirls.com. ]]> Uncategorized https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47591498.shtml https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47591498.shtml Don Diebel Tue, 08 Jan 2008 05:12:30 -0500 Dating and The Bar Scene The most important thing to remember if you are taking your date to the bar is to keep your alcohol consumption under control. It is a given that you are going to have a few drinks, but you do not want to get to the point where you are belligerent. This will only ruin the evening. It is safe to say that if you are too drunk to drive your date home that you will never see him or her again. Also, keep in mind that getting sick from drinking too much alcohol is not very attractive at all.

You must also remember to still act respectful and mature even though you are in a bar. The days of drinking with your buddies and sorority sisters are over; so when you are with your date you have to keep a level of maturity about yourself. Taking a date to the bar can be a great time if you follow the tips above. It may not be the best place for a date, but it has its place in the dating world.

Sometimes, online dating can be a better option than bars.

Check out our recommended online streamate site. ]]> Uncategorized https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47591358.shtml https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47591358.shtml Peter Portero Tue, 08 Jan 2008 05:10:10 -0500 Nightlife for a Florida Vacation Jacksonville

Kick off the night in Jacksonville, home to the University of North Florida and a great twenty to thirty-something crowd. The party scene is found over the Intracoastal Waterway at the Jacksonville Beaches. Start the night right at Ragtime Taproom and Brewery, a locals’ favorite known for great microbrews and live music. Voted “Best Brew Pub” year after year, the large bar starts filling up with the after-work crowd and does not empty until closing time. Head to the boardwalk to find The Atlantic, known for tasty appetizers and a great happy hour. Nightly music will range from jazz to hard rock and techno and begins around 9:30. If the typical “beach bar” is what you are in the mood for, look no further than Bukkets. Play pool, grab a drink, or watch people on the boardwalk in this high-energy drinking hole. Freebird Live was built in commemoration of Jacksonville native Ronnie VanZant of Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is where to go if you are looking to hear great live music. Past performers include Charlie Daniels, Willie Nelson, and Blues Traveler. Jacksonville has it all: a great nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and locals that love to have a good time.

Panama City Beach

Heading west will take you to Panama City Beach, home to one of the largest Spring Break gatherings in the state. Front Beach Road is home to two PCB staples, Harpoon Harry’s and Sharky’s Beach Club. Harpoon Harry’s has tasty late night snacks, great drinks, and local live music. This is the ideal place for anyone wanting to avoid the crowds at larger clubs. Sharky’s is a Panama City Beach institution, having been home to the Tiki Hut for almost 20 years. Hear live bands, drink mixed drinks, and enjoy fresh seafood where the energy is always high. The Boatyard attracts tourists and locals alike with a laid back atmosphere, delicious late-night treats, and live music. The dance floor is always full and the party goes on all night. Club La Vela is the nation’s largest nightclub with ten theme rooms, each with its own style of music and atmosphere. Get to the club early and stay late at one of the trendiest nightclubs in the world. Panama City Beach continues its reputation for having one of the best late night scenes in Florida.


Central Florida brings Orlando as its top nightlife scene. With quite a few colleges and universities in the area, theme parks with adult hours, and locals who like to have fun, there are plenty of options when it comes to local nightlife. Pleasure Island, part of Walt Disney World, turns into fun for the adults after dark. Purchasing a pass gets you into the clubs and attractions like BET SoundStage Club, 8TRAX, Mannequins Dance Club, Motions, and the Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club. Universal Studios answers back with its own adult nightlife scene found at CityWalk. Although there is no entrance fee, it is suggested to purchase the Party Pass that gets you free cover and priority entrance to BB Kings Blues Club, Howl at the Moon, Jillian’s Hi-Life Lanes, Rumba Room and the Saddle Ranch Chop House, as well as, plenty of other freebies. The nightlife in Orlando does not end at the theme parks. Head to downtown Orlando to experience what the locals do after dark. Tabu Night Club is a more sophisticated alternative to Orlando nightlife with a dress code. The Art Deco design, friendly staff, fabulous drinks and appetizers, and celeb DJ’s make this the place to go when looking for a more matrue atmosphere. Roxy is the heart of the Orlando nightlife scene and is the place to go if you want to see and be seen. This huge bi-level club has multiple rooms to cater to whatever mood and price level you are interested in. Orlando, known for children’s theme parks and dreamlands, becomes an adult’s playground at sunset.

Fort Lauderdale

Heading south brings you to Fort Lauderdale, home of the original Spring Break party scene. Start your vacation at the Elbo Room, an iconic beachside bar surviving from the “Where The Boys Are” era. Live music and ambiance make this a must- visit. The Art Bar is an up and coming Fort Lauderdale hot spot with great drinks and music. The Martini Bar, located downtown, is the new rage with fun takes on the classic martini. Crowds love the fun staff and atmosphere. The best dueling piano bar around, Howl at the Moon, is full of great eats, entertainment, and is one of the most fun nights out around. If hip-hop is your forte, visit G.O.A.T. Open seven days a week, this lounge and bar is the only place to go every night of the week. There are plenty of other beach bars, dance clubs, and cool lounges around town. Visit them all to find your favorite late-night spot in Fort Lauderdale.


Last, although certainly no least, we come to Miami, home to South Beach and one of the hottest nightlife scenes in the world. The rich and famous, as well as, your everyday Miami vacationer can be found in the clubs, bars, and lounges in this wildly fun city. Miami’s top DJ’s perform at Club Space, located downtown. A huge dance floor, open-air patio, and a dazzling light show are sure to keep you entertained from sundown to sun-up. Heading to South Beach will bring you to some of the most well known clubs in the country. The Marlin Bar is a place to expect to see celebrities and enjoy at laid-back atmosphere at the same time. There are plenty of couches and chairs, ample of space, and live jazz and world beat music to enjoy. Jazid is a popular bar, known for a great atmosphere, live jazz, and a sultry feel. If looking for something other than live music, head up to the loft for music spun by popular DJ’s. For those looking to impress, get dressed to kill and head to Tantra, home to one of the more exotic atmospheres in South Beach. This Mediterranean-inspired restaurant and bar has a real grass floor, waterfalls, hookah pipes, and plush couches. Great martinis and one of the best menus on the Beach are accompanied by a cigar bar and fabulous company.

It’s easy to enjoy a Florida vacation with such great activities, fabulous vacation rentals , and beautiful beaches that stretch for miles. Florida is known for being home to the hottest trends in music, couture, and nightlife. Whether looking for the newest club, a laid-back tiki bar on the beach, or the hottest nightclub, this state has all of it and more.

Caroline Brame writes travel articles for RentalsExpress.com. For more information on Florida travel, as well as, other vacation destinations, please visit http://www.RentalsExpress.com. ]]> Uncategorized https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47590919.shtml https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47590919.shtml Caroline Brame Tue, 08 Jan 2008 05:02:51 -0500 Los Angeles Nightlife Los Angeles, as most people already know, is home to all things nice and beautiful. From the glitzy A-list stars that call it home to its fair share of party areas and restaurants… there’s just nothing in Los Angeles to call boring or drab. All you’ve got to do is discover all of them and start enjoying them at once. So if you have no idea what we are talking about, just keep on reading. This will be your party 101 for the best LA parties in town.

Start you night with a little dining. Of course, its always better to go to the parties after being energized with the finest foods this place has the offer. From one star to five star, fast food to diner… this place has the right food places to keep you full forever. Many restaurants in this town have perfect dinners cooked by renowned chefs such as Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck and others. There are also certain local diners for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want English, Asian or Vegetarian delights… this melting pot of culinary treasures has surely got something to serve you. Some of these are Danny’s Kosher Pickle, Nathan’s Famous, Residuals and others. Have a nice meal in these places and others when you drop by.

After that, let the party get started. There are various music lounges wherein you can chill out and relax. From glasses of fine wine to the most alluring of jazz… get ready to enjoy everything you have asked for. Here, you can have a few relaxing drinks while being entertained by top pop stars, bands and others.

If chilling out isn’t enough for you, then you better hang out at the snazziest nightclubs. Here, you’ll be able to dance to the most rhythmic tunes in the funkiest places you have ever laid your eyes on. Hang out ala Britney Spears or Paris Hilton in places such as Boulevard 3, Blackout, Privilege, Cabana Club and others. Here, you may have wild parties and of course, probably meet all celebrities from A-Z. Who knows, you might end up cutting rugs on the dance floors with Lindsay Lohan or Usher! The possibilities are just endless.

So hurry and enjoy the nightlife in Los Angeles at once!

Ron Zvagelsky has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2006. He is currently the Co-Founder of PlanJam – where you can find information on Los Angeles nightlife and other fun things to do. ]]> Uncategorized https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47590826.shtml https://www.101nightlife.com/nightlife_guide/47590826.shtml Ron Zvagelsky Tue, 08 Jan 2008 05:01:18 -0500 Best Night Life In Phoenix If you are looking for a great neighborhood bar or pub, check out Seamus McCaffrey's Irish Pub and Restaurant in Phoenix. Here you'll be able to sample traditional Irish cuisine, live Irish music and a super mix of tantalizing drinks.

If you want to dance to the cumbia, meringue or salsa, come to the Sky Lounge. Excellent dancers make this fantastic lounge one of the best places to visit for Latin and Spanish dance.

A nightcap or evening out is just a steps away from the doorstep of many downtown Phoenix condos. You will feel special when you come to the Jade Bar at The Sanctuary. Sip a cocktail as you sit outdoors on the patio and take in the beautiful view. Camus at The Clarendon is the sleek place to be to enjoy spectacular food and delectable cocktails. You can be transported away by the musical sounds of the piano at the Squaw Peak Lounge. Located at the Arizona Biltmore, this is the spot to enjoy the sunset overlooking the mountain. If you are looking for the type of club where Dick Martin or Frank Sinatra might have felt at home, try Zuzu at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale. Revel in the swank stylings of this lounge and get taken back to a more stylish time.

Sometimes you just want a place to hang out in your blue jeans and down a cold one. There are several inexpensive bars in Phoenix that offer up a friendly atmosphere that won't break the bank. Shady's Lounge features inexpensive mimosas every Sunday. The Time Out Lounge in nearby Tempe has large booths that are comfortable for you and your friends to share a pitcher of beer together. Music lovers have several cost-effective options for nightlife in Phoenix. The Hidden House has inexpensive drinks and a jukebox with all the best tunes. If you like punk, the Rogue Bar is your place to hang. Live music plays every night of the week at the Yucca Tap Room.

Scottsdale offers up some fun places to while away the evening. Flicka's offers a surfer atmosphere, and the fish tacos are superb. For the brave, there is "Jamioke," where you can front a live band. Six and Suede are the hot clubs in Scottsdale where upscale clothing is the norm. No matter what type of nightlife you crave, you'll find it here. With all the activity in the area, any Phoenix real estate investment is all the more worthwhile.

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